Compliance and What It Means to You

The EPA's Vessel General Permit (VGP) issued in 2013 requires the use of environmentally acceptable lubricants. Clarion Lubricants has you covered. Clarion is dedicated to helping you comply with the current lubricant guidelines and take proactive steps so that you can quickly adapts to future changes.

2013 Vessel General Permit

Quick Guide to Environmental Lubricants

An easy-to-follow overview of how Clarion Environmental Lubricants can help you optimize performance while minimizing risk to your operation and our waters.

Product Type Biodegradability EPA 2013 Vessel General Permit Non Toxic to Aquatic Life per U. S. EPA LC50 U. S. Coast Guard Static Sheen test
Clarion Green Synthetic Fluids Synthetic Ester Readily Biodegradable
Clarion Green Synthetic Gear Synthetic Ester Readily Biodegradable
Clarion Green BIO Oils Natural Ester Readily Biodegradable
Clarion Green A/W Oils Mineral Oil Inherently Biodegradable
Clarion Green Gear Lubes Mineral Oil Inherently Biodegradable

Please note that it is the Buyer's responsibility to ensure product selection meets all application requirements, including OEM recommendations as well as maintenance history and conditions. Buyer is also required to ensure that product selection meets any and all appropriate federal, state and local codes and requirements.

Additionally, it is the Buyer's responsibility to properly verify all operating conditions and environment prior to product application. Furthermore, it is recommended that Buyer ensure continuing product performance through the use of ongoing site surveys and condition monitoring programs.

Our line of environmental lubricants includes hydraulic fluids, gear lubes and greases.

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